Odette Audet
  Colonic Therapist
I.I.R.H.B Certified
and Member of ANN

140 Boul. St-Raymond
Gatineau(Hull), Québec
J8Y 1T2


For an optimal health

ALREADY 20 YEARS... At your service since 1998!

The colon is the largest waste reservoir of the human body.  Its balance is essential to maintaining health and vitality.

A broader way to see Health could be defined by the following principle: Maintaining a balance between what goes in and what comes out.

       Why cleansing?

  • To eliminate the accumulation of old hardened waste that can overload the organs responsible for  filtering toxins such as: liver, intestines, skin, lungs, kidney;
  • To enable better nutrient assimilation;
  • To increase the effectiveness and to accelerate the results of ongoing cures, diets or health treatment programs;
  • To recover, maintain or increase energy and vitality, which in turn will ease the body, sprit and soul.


The benefits of Colon irrigation contribute to restoring and maintaining optimal health.